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10 October 2011

Beware of Fake MAC on eBay!

Hello everyone,

I was tweeted a couple of weeks ago by a follower who thought she had been sold some fake MAC eyeshadows online. Remembering I had some fake MAC eyeshadows from an eBay purchase a couple of years ago I have raided my make-up bags and taken some photos to share with you what to look out for.

As you can see, the actual shadows colours are similar to what you would expect if you had requested a certain MAC colour.

I was charged almost full price so the cost didn't give it away.

I bought a joblot of about 25 colours, then to my despair when they arrived I realised they were fakes. I went to report them on eBay and their site had completely dissapeared.

Inside the pot I found an extra compartment. I researched into if they could have been from another country but MAC don't change their packaging for different countries. On some eBay sites they can make sweeping statements like exclusive, rare or only available in Europe, Asia etc. Before buying it is worth researching the products.

In the box it's difficult to tell the difference between fake and authentic.
Sometimes the angle of the photo can give it away if the product isn't in the box. Fake is on the left side.

The name of the colour is also not written on the bottom of the fake shadows.

Overall, if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is!

Thanks for reading.

Em x


  1. Very useful post! I once got a Lancome mascara from ebay that was so obviously fake. The seller's response was that "no one else has complained." Shocking! x x

  2. That's a terrible response from a seller. I find eBay can be great as long as you don't run into problems. It's such a gamble. I once bought a YSL product and when it arrived it was an open tester. :)


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