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4 October 2011

Rituals Perfumes No. 18 & No. 09.

Hello again everyone,

Todays post shall focus on two scents that I recently purchased. I find that the smells are so delicious in these stores, I end up buying things that I may never even use, but in this instance I have been using them for work/blogging so all is not lost :)

No. 18
Sandalwood + Wild Rose

£34.90 for 50mls.

Notes: wild roses, pink pepper, geranium, sandalwood, cedar, pine and rosewood.

I had so many compliments on this scent when it was initially applied it and up until around 2-3 hours post spritzing. Whilst it is quite strong when applied, it dissipates quickly. The earthy woody tones remind me slightly of inscence and the intense wild rose give it a girly twist. This has a warming feel to it, ideal for cosy nights or autumn/winter days for it's warming properties.

No. 09
Vanilla Drops + Sweet Orange

£34.90 for 50mls.

Notes: orange blossom, vanilla, tonka.

Much more of a spring/summer scent than No. 18 but it's a lovely daytime scent. I think that the orange and vanilla compliment each other well, If you like citrusy sweet smells then this would probably be ideal for you. Around 5 mins after application I find that it gains a fresh soapy smell, but again the staying power is short lived and regular re-application is required.

As you can see below, No. 18 has been the one I've reached for most over the last few weeks.

Rituals state their products are organic which gains a huge thumbs up from me.

Although I loved these scents, I just don't find I can say that the product is worth the pricetag purely because of the staying power of the scents.

I am however wading through many more Rituals products that I have bought so I shall let you all know how I get on ;) Have you ever tried these products? Let me know how you found them...

Hugs, Em x

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