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21 October 2011

Scrub a Dub Dub

As autumn is now officially setting in here in the UK, I don't know about you guys but my skin is requiring much more buffing, moisturising and fake tanning to gain and maintain a subtle golden goddess glow :)

I use my exfoliants whilst showering, by massaging the product in circular motions, concentrating on my hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet as these areas have a tendency to allow the product to clump. I exfoliate before applying my tan and in between applications to help keep the colour even.

I've been trying out a few exfoliators and thought I'd share my views on them with you.

So here we go in order of price, I've pitched cheaper drugstore products against high-end high street (yes I purchased them all with my own hard earned pennies :)

£15.32 for 240mls

I used to be an avid st. tropez tanner until finding the piz buin colour dial tan (Piz Buin Review) so I had this bottle left to use up because exfoliators containing fruit acids can turn your St Tropez tan a strange colour.

It contains small round beads that are designed to not damage/tear the skin and is scented as the french riviera (I've never been so couldn't confirm this :) but it does smell quite nice, although chemically to me and has a light blue appearance.

So some good points about this product is that I like how it feels when I'm using it, like it's really working. I didn't notice my tan last any longer with this product opposed to any of the others but my skin did look re-newed and revived.

£8.50 for 150mls
Described by Rituals as a calming shower cream scrub, this product does feel nice and creamy instead of the usual gel like exfoliants that tend to be on the market. It smells absolutely divine and the wonderful smell lingers in the bathroom and on the skin for around 20 minutes after using it.

My skin did look fresh and revived afterwards but my skin did not feel more moisturised than usual or my mind any calmer.

£4.98 for 150mls

I was interested in this as it claims to be a daily scrub and I like to exfoliate to keep my fake tan even. The promise of radiant skin is always a winner for me. It's made with mango milk, cashmere proteins & fine scrub particles, which to me sounds quite luxurious.

I liked the feel of this product when I was using it, it felt like it was actually doing something. It didn't exactly feel like an expensive luxurious product or make me radiant, but it did help my tan stay even and was used daily with no irratation. Nice smell, but the scent dissappeared relatively quickly.

Sorry guys, I used all this product before getting chance to take a photo.

£3 for 130g

I love going into the LUSH stores, all the scents and pretty products tend to get me in the mood to sample everything. The staff tend to be so friendly and appeal to my shopaholic nature.

So this particular product is loaded up on sea salt to slough off all those dead skin cells and you can either use it on dry skin (slightly rougher) or under running water (slightly softer) and this makes it foam up. Both ways provided ok results, I just however can't get over the smell, It reminds me of a cheap toilet cleaner and the smell just keeps lingering. So I tried it once, for the benefit of this blog, but I shall not be delving into this pot again. After using it, my skin felt tight, like that feeling you get when you have been stood in the sea which had me reaching for the (strongest smelling) moisturiser :D

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