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12 December 2011

My fave Re-purchase Chanel Nails :)

Chanel have some amazing colours out and some of their well blogged colours include Black Pearl  and Particuliere  which I'm pretty sure most of you will know about. I love the colours so much I have re-purchased both this year and wished to pledge my own homage to them :)

Black Pearl (513)

The lid pops off just like the YSL la laque, to reveal a top that unscrews and is attached to the brush.

Looking in the bottle, there is some beautiful flecks of green shimmer. It has a wonderful glossy effect. It does have a greyish green opalescence which I totally love.

It took around 15 minutes to dry, 2 medium coats later and voila...

Particuliere (505)

And the token top off piccie...

This polish is described ny Chanel as a grey creme, but I would be more inclined to say it's a mushroom / brown / taupe.

2 thickish coats and it gives a great finish.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to send any recommendations of other colours / dupes / brands you have been loving recently.

Em x


  1. ooh that first colour is beautiful! so interesting!!! i just recently bought peridot... will be doing swatches on my blog soon.... :)

  2. I have Particuliere, its one of my all time faves :) xx

  3. Nia: I was looking at Peridot, it looks like a beautiful colour, I look forward to your swatches. Cara: I do like Particuliere, is one of my all time faves too. Thanks Misseblog. X


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