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14 November 2011

Did I find that miracle mascara?

Very quickly, a cheeky little product that was hiding in the bottom of my make-up case was...

Urban Decay's Big Fatty Mascara

Urban Decay described this as a wearable shade describing it as a hue of colour. They state it's a refreshing alternative to black.

The brush was great for inner corners and bottom lashes. The fine bristles helped coat the lashes and prevent clumping on the hairs.

It's much more subtle on the lash than it was on the brush. I do like the colour, but don't feel it would be appropriate as an everyday mascara. It was cakey and clumpy on the brush. I thought I'd maybe just received a 'bad' one off product, but reading some of my other beauty blogger reviews it seems that this problem is common. It flaked off my lashes after around 3-5 hours, and air moisture left it staining my lower eye area, giving a slightly bruised appearance    (",)


So out of all of the products I've tried in the past week, my two favourite volumising mascaras were *drum roll please maestro*

1) Lancome Hypnose Drama

2) Max Factor False Lash Effect

and lengthening mascara...

1) The Body Shop- Super Volume Mascara

Hope this helps if you are looking at buying a new mascara :D

Thanks for reading

Em xx


  1. Great choices! Have you tried any of the L'Oreal Voluminous mascaras? I love them but I'm currently looking for an amazing cruelty-free mascara!

  2. Hi Amanda I'm not sure I have, I certainly may try them as you recommend :) I recently found out BarryM have a cruelty free policy but I have not tried their mascaras.


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