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19 November 2011

Dry Shampoo

It may seem a strange thing to post about this time of the year. Dry shampoo is often associated with festivals and tourists, however I like to use it to give texture to my hair and liven up my locks when they get a little limp.

Charles Worthington

Charles Worthington say that this dry shampoo gives great looking results and nourishment in between washes.

I like to use this product on the day after washing to give texture and help me feel refreshed. It gives a little oomph, but a con to this product is the white talc like residue it leaves behind.

Hence I'm one of many that are over joyed to see Batiste have catered for us brunettes too... :)

Batiste Coloured for Brunette Hair.

I picked up the medium colour to try it out as the darker colour was all sold out. The smell isn't as refreshing as the Charles Worthington product, but the results were great and the residue although still lighter than my natural hair colour, didn't appear like I was a walking advert for Johnson's Baby Powder :)

Overall, I think the trick is to never spray to close to your head, 30 cm's should be the distance your aiming for and I like to ruffle my hands through hair for extra texture. Some people prefer to comb the product through the hair to avoid oil from fingers going onto the hair.

All in all, they both do their jobs well. I shall be trying the darker Batiste dry shampoo which will hopefully be a better match for my hair colouring :)

FYI: My colleague accidentally spritzed her hair before work with shimmery Batiste dry shampoo, although it did look very pretty, and provided the rest of us with a little entertainment as the boss kept staring, It probably is best to keep it for evenings out only :)

Em xx

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