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25 November 2011

Hot Ice Nails

As much as fashion changes seasonally, I have to say so does my preference of nail colours.
I'm loving white colours at the moment, so I'm going to show you a few of my recent finds.

First up Colorama in Marshmallow (19)

This product is by Maybelline who say this ranges provides irresistible colours.  It leaves a glossy finish, it's cheap and it does last for a few days. Easy application and gives a great semi-opaque coverage. A word of warning, it can take a while to dry and smudges easily.

Secondly, Essie in Great Expectations
£6.95 for full size (Mine's a sample bottle)

Essie are well known for their high fashion colours and chip resistance. This colour is a light dove grey cream bordering on mucky white with a hint of blueish shimmer. I found I needed to build this colour up with 3 medium coats, it can easily streak if you don't give it long enough to dry, it takes a while. The product however doesn't have the best consistency and I honestly didn't like this product.

Versace's Heat Nail Lacquer V2047-W

Yet another wonderful Versace Heat Lacquer has entered my forever expanding nail polish collection. This colour is a beautiful creamy pink / lilac pearl. It leaves my nail with a professional manicure finish and is easy to control when applying. The product builds up easily and I simply love this colour.
The colour tends to rub rather than chip and only requires 1 thickish coat.

Constance Carrol Diamond Gloss in Pink Ice

A nail polish that contains acrylic and nylon hardeners that provides up to 5 days wear chip free. *cough cough* It chipped a few hours later It claims to give a high gloss finish for professional results. I would describe this colour as an iridescent pink with a creamy ivory base. It dries extremely quickly and it leaves quite a streaky uneven finish.

Thanks for reading,

Em x

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