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13 November 2011

Looking for that miracle mascara, Day 7/7

The Body Shop - Super Volume Mascara

The Body Shop promised that this mascara will give a smudge free, highly pigmented colour for long lasting clump free volume.

The brush itself was fine, it has short and longer length bristles.

This didn't give the volume it promised, It did however give great clump-free length. It flaked slightly from 4/5 hours and continued to do so until I took it off. This mascara also is extremely sensitive to air moisture and I've noticed it has a tendency to run down my cheeks.

If this mascara was advertised as a lengthening product it would have won me over, It didn't give me the volume it promised and for that reason it lost some brownie points. The colour was a rich black and the product came off easily with remover.

If what your looking for is a lengthening mascara to wear for only a few hours at a time, in non-humid or moist weather then this could be right for you. If that's not the case, think twice before buying this product.

I shall blog my fave of the products tomorrow :D

Em x

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