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16 November 2011


Yves Saint Laurent LA LAQUE 34 Tulip Noire
(Long Lasting Nail Lacquer in Black Tulip)

YSL say that this is a new generation nail lacquer that is both elegant and practical. The formula contains Verbena and Rose Oil to strengthen, moisturise and protect nails from chipping and cracking.

The bottle has a seperate golden cap with the wonderful YSL logo, which pops off to reveal the brush handle which unscrews.

I bought this nail lacquer on a recent shopping trip in London and I have to say I'm really impressed with it. I picked this colour because it matched my trench coat perfectly (Practical aspect covered :)  and I thought it would be a nice change from the usual browns and teals that are out at the moment. The brush allows for easy application. It does dry quickly and I loved the finish on the polish, it looked very glossy and provided perfect coverage with two thickish coats.

I can't comment if the polish improves the condition of the nails, as I do tend to change my colour every couple of days, but it did give a smooth finish and appear to temporarily seal some peeling I have underneath the polish.

YSL are going to release two more shades in this range later this Autumn, one looked like a blueish colour and the other a teal colour from what I could see, which will be perfect for the current 2011 trend.

Hope everyone is well,

Em xx


  1. Wow lovng that colour! i'm a big fan of YSL :)

  2. Yes the colour was so nice and the finish is lovely. YSL seems to be a significant part of my beauty and skin care products. Thanks for reading Sammy, lovely to hear from you :D x


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