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28 December 2011

Mini Hawaiin Haul

Ok, So as anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, I have been sunning myself in Hawaii in a bid to escape the cold. Not only did Hawaii provide the sun I was yearning for, but it also had some fantastic shops *Happy Dance*

When I was wondering around I must have stumbled across almost as many Louis Vuitton shops as I did Starbucks, So to fulfill my need for LV loving...

Diary & Agenda

A little Couture courtesy of Juicy

Earbuds and Glittery Pouch

And a ridiculous amount of US chewing gum to save importing it when I get home, so it's a sensible thing right?? Some of them claim to brighten my teeth too so it's an investment. hmmm...

And my old time trusty favourite.

And I'm going to try these guys out as I've read so many rave reviews...

As you can see, my new obsession is mouthcare and getting that Simon Cowell smile :D

Has anyone else tried the Crest 3D White range?  Any hints or tips for bright white teeth greatly appreciated

Em x


  1. I've tried whitestrips but not the 3d ones. I reckon they lightened my teeth by about 2-3 shades so pretty good.

  2. Oh that's great news Emma. I haven't used them yet, but if they're any good I'll blog about them. There was 3 different types when I bought them xx

  3. hey i have a HUGE tip, to never brush your teeth right after using the strips, since the strips soften your enamel and brushing that soft enamel will strip it away! :) I always brush my teeth before, but i know of some people brushing them after to get the goop off of there teeth, which is a huge no no.


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