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10 January 2012

Colgate Wisp

Colgate Wisp Mini brushes (Pk of 4)
$1.64 plus tax which converted to £1.30 @ time of purchase

I read somewhere that after mealtimes chewing gum promotes a healthier mouth care regime by neutralising the mouth and in turn reducing bacteria, since then I've been an avid chompaholic. I'm not sure about you, but when I'm at work I can't be seen munching copious amounts of gum so I went on a mission to find a suitable alternative.

I bought these mini brushes in 3 different flavours: Icy Bubble (pretty pink bead), Spearmint (green bead) and Coolmint ( boasts whitening and has a blue bead). I also believe that these brushes come in a Cinnamint flavour (red bead) but I couldn't find this flavour.

OK, so the packaging isn't exactly breathtaking. I bought my brushes in packs of 4, that come in a plastic shell, similar to typical toothbrushes. The plus side to the packaging is that you don't have to have a pair of scissors to break into it. It was easy to pop open and inside all of the brushes are individually sealed in foil backs for freshness.

The Wisp is an oral care aid that contains a liquid filled bead within a mini-brush which in turn releases a burst of freshness. The bonus for me was that there is no need for rinsing and the brushes are so small they easily fit in any hand bag.

The bristles are tiny plastic bristles, the idea is to prevent abrasion and I have to say the bristles did work better than I imagined they would on the front teeth, however it was difficult to get into all the little gaps as the bristles are much shorter than a regular toothbrush.

There is also a toothpick style end which has a curvature to help get between the teeth. The end is quite flexible to prevent damage to the delicate gum tissue.

Ok, so on first using the brush, the bristles felt hard and after as I continued to use it they became slightly softer. I found the bead difficult to burst but after some chomping on the bead I managed to release the liquid. The flavour was strong and I have to admit I'm disappointed in the harshness of the Icy Bubble flavour. Typically, this is also the flavour that I bought 3 packs of as I thought they looked the prettiest.

Also the idea of swallowing the dirt and plaque removed from my teeth becomes less appealing the more I think about it.

All in all, it is a great product if your desperate for a little freshness, however I don't feel particularly cleaner after using this product. I'll continue to use these products that I bought but I remain to be convinced that they are a must have in my mouthcare regime.

Em xx

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