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18 January 2012

Get glam for the After Party

TIGI Bedhead After Party Smoothing Cream

£15.15 for 100mls

I was recently tweeted by a follower requesting a review on the After Party Cream I have previously blogged about in a mini haul.

I have re-purchased this little gem again and again. It's the only thing that can tame my frizzy, coarse locks and I haven't yet found another product that can give my hair a sleek appearance like this one can.

TIGI say this is a smoothing cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair. This cream calms funky fly aways and silk-ifies your hair. It can be bought in hairdressers, TiGi's website, and larger Boots stores.

I quite like the packaging of this product. It has a typically TiGi kitsch design, from it's neon pink bottle to the large transparent bubble cap. Aside from it's phallic design the bottle is very well designed, I've never known the pump to clog or clump and it doesn't waste any product.

The product is very thick, 2 pumps covers my mid to lower hair, I don't apply this to the scalp area.

2x pumps

The cream feels silky and rich, It only takes 2 pumps for my long hair, I rub it between my hands and then work it into my damp hair before blow-drying. I like to but a little extra on the ends to help seal them. Some people do use this on dry hair as a freshener, but I tried this once to only get an greasy look. I only use this on my hair when blow-dring straight, if I'm opting for curls I use specific curly hair products.

I love the scent too, I would describe it as a fresh soapy / fruity smell. It's quite strong initially but not overpowering.

I think it's important to highlight that this product does not actually work at improving the hair structure, it just gives the appearance of such. It's also suitable for all hair types, however I would urge you to re-consider if you have a greasy hair type and wish to apply it to your tresses when they're dry.

Taa Daahh!

I'm not sure if there are any other hair creams out there that work this well, and recs greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,
Em x

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