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16 January 2012

Rimmel Liner

Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner

Rimmel have released this range and promising that the product is easy to use. It's professional brush is raved to leave a smudge and smear free finish, with just the sharpest of lines giving a slick overall finish.

I have this liner in two colours...

007 Precious Green
004 Diamond Kiss

I've never been a eyeliner lover, I'm not sure why but applying liner is just not a skill I possess.
I'm really heavy handed and end up with uneven eyes which tend to give me a shocked or uneven expression :D

Rimmel claim that this brush shall put an end to all my struggles to get the perfect liner, they claim their brush is professional and will give me sharp and slick lines. The brush is quite thin with long soft bristles.

I picked the colour Precious Green as I have hazel coloured eyes and just wanted to have a little pop of colour with a nice gold / green smokey eye.

with flash

without flash

Diamond Kiss is a silvery colour that is slightly bolder than the green shade and I would probably use it with a more monochrome or blueish smokey eye.  

with flash

without flash
I really wanted to like this product, especially after reading so many rave reviews, however for me I just didn't get the pay off. I found the liquid a bit gloopy, and although Rimmel boasted claims of a smudge free finish that just wasn't my experience. It took a long time to dry and I didn't get the sharpest lines. On the positive as you can see, both colours provide intense pigmentation as you can see on the above piccies. Probably a great basic liner for a fancy dress purposes etc, but I found after 3 hours that the product begins to flake off. Not a product I will re-purchase.

Thanks for reading, xx

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