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28 January 2012

Sephora Precision Sponge

3D Make-Up Sponge Applicator
$12 ( Approx £8.27 at time of purchase)

Sephora boasts that this latex free, Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial is a must have make-up applicator for any beauty conscious individual.

Sephora have stated that this tool can help in the application of foundation, concealer, blush and help contour your face with ease. The sponge is in an egg design, the top is pointed for correcting and getting into smaller areas. The larger rounded bottom end is designed for blending and covering larger areas.

I usually use my M.A.C. 187 brush for foundation application and many others for contouring and blush, I must admit I'm really happy with the results they give me, However having read some rave reviews on this sponge I bought this to see if a sponge really does help with coverage and reduce the bulk in my make-up bag :)

The packaging is fairly basic, It's a clear plastic container and easily opens. It wasn't anything spectacular but did the job.

When using the sponge it does not break, it absorbs a lot of the product and I found it easy to use. I think the patting motion of the sponge helps press the foundation into the skin giving a more air brushed appearance, hiding pores and gives a great even coverage.

However, after applying my foundation I noticed a mask like line under my chin, it didn't particularly blend the foundation very well and I had to use my brush on my neck for blending. I also found that the sponge absorbed quite a lot of the liquids I was putting on my face.

After being unable to blend foundation into my jawline and contour without harsh lines I have thrown this sponge away. I don't feel it does a good job and shall be sticking with using brushes until I find a better option.

Thanks for reading.

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