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25 January 2012

Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion

Lipstick Base with SPF 15
£10 for 2G

As I have been an avid UD eyeshadow primer potion fan, I thought I really should try the lip primer to see if it really can make my lip colour last for longer and give the smoother / soft finish that it boasts.

The formula contains Vitamins A, E & C, as well as an SPF of 15 to protect the lips.

The packaging is quite typical for UD, it's a metal pretty roll-up tube with the trademark purple tattooed design.

The product is deliberately formed into a slanted bullet to allow for a more precise application.

On the lip it gives a matte pale finish, similar to a finish my YSL concealer would give.

I would highly recommend you don't use this on dry or cracked lips as it just emphasises the imperfections. On applying I find it can be a little hard to get a complete even finish as it tends to clump and tug at the lips.

Ok, so this product did not seem to add any moisturisation to my lips, I didn't even really notice my lipstick last any longer either. It did however give a great base colour to help my lipstick colour pop more than if I didn't have the base on.

I won't re-purchase this product, I'd much rather find a more moisturising product that does help my lip colour last longer.

Also, after using it a few times the stick broke in half and now I keep trying to mould it to the other half of the product.


Thanks for reading, feel free to comment. It makes my day :)


  1. Too bad! I've never tried a lip primer, my lips are super dry and always figured there's no way they could be moisturizing. Thanks for the review!

  2. Shame it didn’t seem to do an awful lot. Would be very annoyed at the stick breaking too, grrr!

  3. Amanda: yes indeed, it was very drying. It's not like you can have a balm or cream underneath it as it'll just slide off.
    Victoria: Ha Ha, grrr. I shall continue to search for a lip primer that delivers on its promises. I was quite surprised it didn't work that well as their eyelid primer has never let me down :)


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