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12 January 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Mini Haul

Camera flashes always manage to highlight every blemish, under-eye bag and any hyper-pigmentation I may have, After the casper effect of Benefit IT Stick I went back to my favourite highlight by YSL.

I shall never stray again, well not this month anyway  ツ

Touch Eclat (Radiant Touch)
No 1 £22.50
No 2 $36.50 (approx £25 @ time of purchase)

No. 1

No. 2
This is a fantastic product that really lives up to it's reputation. I tend to have dark circles and a natural olive tone to my skin. I use this to highlight my brow bone, accentuate cupids bow, hide under eye bags and brighten inner corners of my eye.

Top No 1, Bottom No 2.

I look a little like a warrior until it's all blended in :)

I also needed something a little heavier to camouflage the dreaded pimples on my face, so I also purchased ...

 Multi Action Concealer in No 2
$32 ( approx £23 @ time of purchase)

No. 2

The bevelled tip allows for easy application and the product was so creamy and easy to blend in.

I'm yet to see how the light diffusing pigments show up on photos, no doubt  tagged FB photos will reveal all over the Christmas Season.

Note to self: YSL is much more expensive across the pond! In future I really must do more homework before splurging the cash.

Has anyone else got recommendations for great concealers?

Em xx


  1. I love Touche Eclat too, its been a mainstay in my makeup bag for the last couple of years!

    For concealing, I really like Bobbi Brown’s touch up stick. It comes in lots of different shades and is really easy to blend to conceal blemishes.


  2. Thanks for the tip Victoria, I shall try them. I'm really trying to get that flawless look without my skin looking clumpy and powdery.


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