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6 February 2012

Boots Face Mask

Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Face Mask
£1.01 for 10mls

A soothing face mask that contains wild strawberry to help soften and smooth skin whilst the clay draws out impurities / excess oil.

I must admit, I'm a salon-aholic but when I saw this sachet I thought it would be great to throw in a suitcase and have available when I'm out of the UK and in need of some DIY pampering. The packaging is quite robust, I have had tucked in a case for a few trips now and the sachet has not ripped or torn. The instructions are clear and it's relatively easy to get the product out.

My initial impression of the product was that its consistency was much gloopyer than other face masks I have used in the past. It however smells divine and reminds me of strawberry fromage frais :)

So, as recommended, I left it on for 5 minutes, then rinsed off with warm water and patted the skin dry. Strawberries contain naturally occurring salicylic acid, which is often a component of over the counter acne treatments, so it should help reduce future breakouts.

It did leave my skin feeling fresh and clean, however I did need to slather on plenty of moisturiser afterwards as my skin felt incredibly dry.

Thanks for taking time out to read this post, feel free to comment with links. :)

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