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12 February 2012

DIY Dye Kit.

Clairol Perfect 10 Nice'N Easy
£ 7.14 for kit

As an avid salon lover, I wanted to try a DIY kit to see if they really are as good as the hairdressers and give the results they promise.

You've probably seen the shelves, stacked full of home dye kits, and I must admit, it's overwhelming choosing between your permanent, semi-permanent or hint of a tint types, then there's an array of colours,  from blue black to the brightest red. I however decided to play it safe and opt for a colour similar to my natural hair, which will get rid of the lighter highlights that's currently in my hair.

So here goes...

Clairol promise a high gloss colour in 10 minutes with full grey coverage in permanent colour.

It contains an activating creme, a colour creme, pair of gloves, comb type applicator and a conditioning treatment that is supposed to last 6 weeks.

OK, so I mixed the products, applied and washed out after 10 mins and applied the conditioning treatment.

Now for the before and afters...



Also required was a colour remover towellette, for those brown stains that appeared on my forehead.

I'm not entirely sure I'm converted from salon hair colouring, but as a quick fix it was easy to use and didn't appear to damage my hair.

As always, thanks so much for reading,

Em x

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