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9 February 2012

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

£4.95 for 25G

My unloved lips have been feeling dry this Winter, so I thought it was time that I invested in a lip scrub and showed them some much needed TLC... Well it will be Valentines Day soon right???

After so many rave reviews I opted to try Lush's most popular sold lip scrub...

This is a slightly oily sugar scrub. The smell is extremely sweet and sugary like candy floss. The sugar was fab at exfoliating my lips and definitely gave me the perfect base for my lippie.

The shop assistant appeared to be on a sugar high from dipping his fingers in his pot of scrub and munching it, however I never dip my fingers into Lush's tester pots, so I bought one to try at home.

I took a small amount and rubbed it all over my lips with my index finger.

Rather than licking it off I opted for rinsing it off with warm water as the ideal of swallowing dead skin grosses me out :D

All in all, it was a lovely scrub but be prepared to slather on some of your favourite lip cream / balm as I found it offered minimal moisturisation.


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