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24 February 2012

Sephora Age Defy Moisture Cream

With Hydrosenn+ and contains SPF 15

When I was in Sephora on a recent shopping trip to the states, I came away with a sample of their moisturising cream so I thought I would try it to see if it lives up to the rave reviews I've been reading.

Sephora have stated this cream was evaluated by 32 volunteers and after 28 days 72% said they had less visible deep wrinkles and 94% said they had firmer skin. This cream is paraben sulfate free and provides moderate sun protection.

This cream can take a while to dry as your waiting for the skin to 'drink' the moisture. I applied mine before styling my hair to give at least 30 mins prior to applying my make-up routine.

The cream smells really nice, it has a subtle scent that reminds me of white Lillie's.

The cream feels so thick and rich on massaging it into the skin. It absorbed within 5 minutes, I'm aware a popular complaint about this product is the length of time it takes to absorb into the skin. It does however leave a layer on top of the skin, not quite greasy but a tacky feel is left behind. For that reason I would say that I would keep this as a night cream or wear it on a make-up free day, as it can encourage foundation to slide off despite using good quality face primers.

It did however give fantastic moisturisation to my dry winter skin. I would definitely recommend anyone to go to Sephora and trial a free sample of this cream.

Thanks for reading :)

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