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3 February 2012

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub

£2.95 per pumice

A really strong zesty lemongrass scented pumice stone which softens tired tootsies after a busy day shopping in heels :)

This foot scrub contains Cocoa Butter and Lemongrass Oil to provide moisturisation, alongside fine sea salt which will slough off the dead skin as well as provide some anti-bacterial properties and stimulation.

I used this in the shower and only needed half, but be aware that it begins to crumble as soon as you hold it. I recommend you break bits off to save wasting it down your plug hole.

In contact with water the sodium bicarb starts to set off the fizzing action and you need to act quickly before it dissolves. You don't want to leave this under running water or it will completely disappear.

It leaves your feet smelling dreamy, but it didn't provide me with any exfoliation. I won't re-purchase this product and shall be sticking with a plain pumice stone and regular pedicures to keep my feet in perfect looking.. well.. Lush!

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to comment it makes my day :)

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