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21 March 2012

All that glitters...

"Ageless Luxury" Hydration Gold
£27.50 for 15 mls

Having already sampled a free sample sachet of this product that came with my Eye Lift and liked the results, I went on to buy this creme, you can find the larger 30ml version here -->  feel unique

Ok, so Transformulas say that this creme provides Anti-Ageing, Line Filling Hydrating Recovery Creme with Gold Powder. Drench your skin in 23 carat luxury.

I like the packaging of this product. The box is crammed full of facts and application tips. The bottle itself has an easy to use screw top. I like the fact you can see how much product is left in the bottle and don't have to keep guessing.

The product firstly boasts to prevent the build up of toxic substances, which then reduces the damage of free radicals and nourish your skin with vitamins as well as soften, hydrate and regenerate your skin.

The shimmering of the 23 carat gold dust gives a radiant glow, however it can look intimidating on the finger tips once it's blended it looks soft and sheer. I can see how it would work well as a highlighter however I blend it into the whole of my face.

I'm not convinced that I automatically appear toned and have my fine lines filled, but the shimmering effect gives the illusion of such. My skin did feel less tight and I find that occasionally I will wear this without foundation sweeped across the face which compliments my tan.

Without Flash
With Flash

Has anyone had any experience with Transformulas Brand that they'd like to share?

Have a sparkalicious day xx

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