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5 April 2012

Foxy Locks Clip In Hair Extensions No. 2

Deluxe 20" (160g) Clip In Remy Hair Extensions.
£74 + 2.99 Standard P&P

After being subscribed to Imogen on YT for quite a while now, I thought I would give her hair extensions a trial. I bought them here... foxylocks extensions

OK, so Imogen's site claims that these extensions are one of the thickest sets on the market which transform flat, lifeless hair into voluminous, long gorgeous locks. Well who doesn't want that right???

I have long hair, when straight it sits just at the bottom of my ribcage. It is however fine but there is a lot of it, so I wanted the extensions to just give me a little oomph :)

As modelled here perfectly by my friend  :)

I bought them in N#2, which is almost a perfect match when my hair is at it's natural shade, which is dark brown. I thought it was great that her site offers an exchange if you order the wrong colour.

My Natural Hair & Colour
The Hair Extensions

As these sets are remy/remi hair (cuticle correct) real hair, I treat these extensions like my real hair, I use my protective heat sprays prior to curling or straightening and wash them gently with my usual shampoo and conditioner to prevent build up of products. I've found through trial and error that Clairol Nice'N easy step 3 is the best. It's around £1-£1.50 for a small tube.

Also comes in red and blonde shades :)
I have also been using Boots Hi-Shine Conditioner which is around £1 per sachet. It has left my hair extensions smelling great but I much prefer the conditioning effects from the Clairol Conditioner.

The clips are quite sturdy and grip well, however the weight of the extensions does tend to give me scalp ache by the end of the day. I imagine that it is the same for any extensions of this weight.

I haven't had to much of an issue with shedding, the stitching does seem to secure the hair to the band quite nicely.

And... Voila!!!

As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on any extensions you can recommend or helpful hints/tips in caring for my extensions.

Em x

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