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3 April 2012

Issey Miyake


£ 47.50 for 50mls

Admittedly, having never have had an Issey Miyake perfume in the past, I thought I'd try this scent as I'd read so many great reviews on it. 

I tend to gravitate towards sweet and rose smelling perfumes such as Flowerbomb, and on first sniff this perfume ticked all my boxes.

It has a very strong initial smell of rose and floral topnotes, I can also smell citrus notes due to it containing mandarin and orange flowers. After a few minutes on my skin it then settles into the slight woody and musky base notes. The base notes have a real staying power, I can even smell it on my skin upto 3 hours after application.

In the bottle the scent smells like an ideal daytime, spring / summer scent. A very simple and light product that did seem to earn me a lot of compliments.

All that being said, I will not be re-purchasing this perfume as I don't think it settles on my skin very well and ends up being a bitter-tartish smell with musky undertones that just seems to linger for hours and I just don't think it deserves the hefty price tag.

Thanks for reading x

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