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26 April 2012

Mini Haul...

Hi there guys, long time no blog.

Just thought I'd upload a little post to share with you what I've been purchasing recently....

After watching Welcome to the Rileys & developing Olympic Fever I purchased these for £12 from the glorious Metro Centre :D

Since seeing the piccie on the left which had typically sold out on Etsy, I've managed to hunt a similar (ish) pair out for £6 again from the Metro Centre

Not my first perfume choice, but I found myself caught short when I was away for the weekend and as I panic bought Katie Price's fragrances.

Left: Precious Love. Right: Stunning
The fragrance on the Left is a fruity and florally scent (£12) where as the pink scent on the right is an extremely strong sweet scent (£10). I must admit, neither are on my re-purchase list as I wasn't very impressed with her scents.

However, OPI have made it into my best purchase of the month.

Diva of Geneva
This polish is a beautiful reddy purpley shade, Definitely one of my fave shades for this year.

Hope your all well


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