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27 June 2014

My Happiness Project

Hey there everyone, today I’m going to rave about my current holiday read. 

I imagine many of you may have already heard of this book, as I was a little slow to catch on, but I have literally not been able to put this book down. Like Gretchen, I would never have considered myself as unhappy, but I have a burning desire to appreciate everything I have that little bit more, hence I have been frantically making notes on my iPad as I took in all of her words of encouragement and tips to a more fulfilled and… well happier life!

My 12 Commandments…
  1. Stop thinking, start doing (Do it now) - PowerPoint's, blogposts, healthy eating, and the list goes on...
  2. Let it go - I don't want to waste energy venting and complaining
  3. Go outside - British Military Fitness here I come... 
  4. Spread joy - Smile and enjoy life
  5. Act the way I want to feel - Keep smiling :D
  6. Stop buying useless crap - My tiny apartment is buckling under the pressure
  7. Give thanks more - Attitude of gratitude
  8. It's not always about me - Don't take things so personally
  9. This too shall pass - Find ways to get through the tough times
  10. Be me - There's only one, I may as well embrace myself, quirkiness and all
  11. Be polite & fair - Sometimes city life has a way of bringing out the worst in me
  12. Do what feels right - Follow my instincts 

Has anyone already completed their own happiness project? 
What were your commandments to live by?

If you want to know more, then here is a link to the website that will explain the project in more detail  The Happiness Project 

From Gretchen's Book.

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