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27 July 2014

A Day In My Life...

Hey there everyone, Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

I can still remember my first few weeks in London, wandering around the underground lost and constantly being veered off in the wrong direction by human traffic. One day, as I was wandering through some food markets, I picked up the biggest banana I'd ever seen, grinning away I took a biggest bite out of it and immediately regretted it. Yup, it was plantain! These days however, I'm a little more 'London Wise' and even walking past stalls of chicken feet, eyeballs and pigs trotters no longer shocks me. 

Borough Market is one of the nicest markets I have found so far (not a pig trotter in sight) and has been one of my local haunts for quite a while now. You'll often see me flitting from one stall to another, grabbing armfuls of yumminess. If you're ever planning a visit, I'd definitely recommend getting there early and sampling some of the tasty freebies.

I know eating veggies can be tedious at best slightly challenging for some of us, I have gone by the rule of keeping it as interesting as possible...

I often pick up weird and wonderful veggies then get home and find recipes on Pinterest to use them. I have had some excellent meals this way.

Also, this week I stumbled across the books about town BookBench sculptures on my way to the Hay's Galleria. 

I believe that eventually these benches are to be auctioned to raise money for the National Literacy Trust and are dotted all around London. 

Then, shopping time...

If you haven't been to Hay's before, it has some really nice trinket and touristy stalls as well as a few of the usual chains such as Boots, Cafe Rouge & Starbucks. 

Thanks for reading :)

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