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12 July 2014

DIY Coffee, Honey & Lemon Face Mask.

Good morning all, Hope everyone is having great weekend!

After returning back to England I have noticed that all of the wonderful Greek sunshine has left my skin looking a little dull and I hate too admit it, but slightly puffy too. I have seen that caffeine a common ingredient added into beauty products, so it made perfect sense to slap some coffee on my face, as it should give the same effect right??? 

After browsing the internet I found that lemon juice has the benefits of lightening, tightening and brightening, plus it's great for regulating oil production. Honey is also known to lock in moisture, so it made sense for me to combine them in all a face mask and give my skin some cheap homemade TLC. 

So, to make this mask squeeze around quarter of a lemon into 2 tbsp of coffee powder, then add enough honey to turn the consistency into a thick paste, then mix it all together, and apply the paste on face and rinse off after 30 minutes.

I have to say, surprisingly it did leave me with less puffy, brighter and softer skin. My T zone was less oily and I'm really impressed with the result. I shall definitely be trying out more concoctions and will keep you all posted.

I also love using olive oil as an overnight treatment on my hair, however it is best to do it without anyone else around as it involves donning a shower cap for the night and it can leave a very potent scent in your hair until you shampoo it out.

Has anyone else got any recommendations for DIY skin / hair care?



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