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14 July 2014

Rimmel Spring Yellow Polish

Hi there my lovelies, Happy Monday :D

Rimmel Lycra Pro Finish in Spring Yellow is a bright lemony nail polish, I don't know about you, but this colour for me this just literally screams Summertime. It's so bright and cheerful, it will add a pop colour to any outfit.

I must admit, this is the only yellow polish I have owned aside from my Konad nail stamping set and although I was a bit dubious when my sister bought it for me to try, I have to say I rather like it. 

The product, is a little thin and streaky on the first coat, but after building it up with 3 thick coats to gain full opacity the colour pay off was fantastic. I like the shape of the brush, it spreads the product perfectly and makes it quick and easy to apply. On drying, the polish leaves a gel like shine, so I didn't feel I needed a top coat.

All in all, an affordable polish (£1.50) and I will definitely look at trying some of their other colours in this range.

Thank you for checking out my blog and feel free to comment with your favourite colours for me to try out...



  1. That's a lovely colour it's so bright. Great post and keep up the work.



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