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3 August 2014

Jamie Oliver Chicken Laksa Recipe

Hi Everyone, Welcome back to my blog.

It's been a whole week since my last blogpost, as I have been busy entertaining friends and getting over a virus, but now I am all fixed up and ready to post some more.

This is a Jamie Oliver Chicken Laksa 15 minute Recipe I had seen on the internet and wanted to see how easy his version of 'super easy' really is. All directions and ingredients are in the above link.

I have learned two things when cooking up this wonderful meal...
  1. It takes over 15 minutes to grate the butternut squash alone.
  2. Chicken Laksa is freakin' delish.

I tossed the chicken with salt, pepper and the five-spice, Then let it nicely char on a hot griddle pan (turning  every 3-4 mins).

Instead of adding 800mls, I added 1 litre of water as the consistency was very thick once the butternut squash was added. Then went in the seasoning, chilli, asparagus, paste and I followed the rest of the recipe as in the link.

And, Voila...

Serve up with sliced chillies, coriander and slices of lime on the side for guests to add.


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