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11 September 2014

Haircare Haul

Do you ever get a new hairstyle, then decide to revamp your entire haircare regime??
C'mon, I know I can't be alone in doing this.

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or IG you will have seen that I have been sporting some new bangs and a shorter cut. This just happened to coincide with me dropping and breaking my trusty Parlux hairdryer that had served me well for the past 14 years. Growing up my mum had a Parlux that lasted my entire childhood, so i can hand on heart say that I am a true fan and I didn't hesitate to buy myself another one. 

As I have been needing to colour my hair more frequently, I've bought a shampoo & conditioner specifically for brown hair in an attempt to lock in the colour for longer and prevent having to colour my hair as much as it is becoming a little dry. This combo is apparently great for fighting frizz (anyone with natural curly hair will understand) and it also locks in colour and moisture. 

I recently went through phase of purchasing tubes of the intensive conditioners found in hair dye kits from eBay, although these have served me well, I find them quite heavy and they weigh my hair down which can make it look thinner.

So I'm going to try the Redken smooth lock butter. With a price tag of £21, it is a splurge, and I will blog a review on it in the near future, to see whether it was worth it.

It feels very thick and creamy, plus it smells amazing too. Fingers crossed, this treatment brings my slightly frazzled mane back to life :D

As always, thanks for reading.

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