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6 September 2014

Let's Get Physical!!

Hey lovelies, hope your well.

Holy Moly! It's been a whole month since my last blog... Time flies when your having fun right??! Well, since getting back from Greece I have to say both my weightloss and my fitness had been on standby, until today. I'm just about to head out to a personal Pilates session at Push where I used to be a regular for their Zumba sessions and now I'm determined to get back on track. 

Currently one of my most unhealthiest habits is not drinking enough water. I can go days without drinking more than a litre of fluid, so in order to fix this, I have bought myself a measurable water carrier that allows me to keep track of how much I am drinking and I can also flavour my water so it tastes yummy. I picked this up here -> Water Infuser and think it's fab.

I have to say, some of my yummiest water combos have been cucumber, lemon & lime, or green tea, lime & mint. See below for more great ideas...

Picture from Pinterest, Author Unknown.

Has anyone else got any flavoured water combinations they'd like to share?

Thanks for reading x 

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