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15 November 2014

Huge Lush Haul | Autumn 2014

Clockwise -> FUN, So White, Snow Fairy & Melting Snowman

Bubble Bars -> Holly Golightly, Amandopondo, Sparkly Pumpkin, Christmas Penguin, Magic Wand

Bath Bombs -> Shoot For The Stars, Dashing Santa, So White, Butterbear, Luxury Lush Pud

Bubble Bars -> The Sparkly Pumpkin, Wizard, Christmas Penguin, Holly Golightly

Bubble Bars -> Wizard, Sparkly Pumpkin, Amandopondo, Christmas Penguin, Holly Golightly & Magic Wand

The Comforter (Bubble Bar Slice) & Big Blue (Bath Ballistic)

For the longest time, I have been a huge fan of the Lush products and this time when I was paying for my products, the till crashed... Well that's a first, even for me :D

Every Winter, the Melting Snowman & Christmas Penguin make it into my bathroom, The Snowman with his spicy scent and scrumptious softening cocoa butter, you just drop him in the water and let him do his magic. The Penguin gives a nice bubbly bath when you crumble him under running water and is a great citrusy pick me up after a bleak day.

I also picked up the gold FUN bar, So White shower gel and Snow Fairy for easy travel multi purpose products. The FUN bar is in the scent Honey I Washed The Kids (another all time fave) and can be used in the bath or shower and doubles up as a shampoo, body wash as well as being used to make model shapes... Phew!

Another one of my firm favourite Lush products has to be the Amandopondo. I adore all rose scented things and this is a very nice rosy, lemony scent which is topped off with a dried rose bud. I usually add dried rose petals/ buds with this bubble bar and finish off with a rose scented moisturiser for an extra indulgent treat.

If I want to have an uplifting Summery scent during the Winter months I turn to my Big Blue bath bomb, whereas, the rich cassis scent of the Comforter tends to always be in my bathroom in easy reach.

I'm so excited to try out Butterbear and Dashing Santa as I have heard so many great reviews. Butterbear smells of Vanilla hot chocolate, he has specs of cocoa butter that will help keep my skin soft during the Winter months. The Dashing Santa smells of satsumas and contains orange flower and lemon, I believe it is the same scent as their previous 'Satsumo Santa'. 

Also, some other first timers are...

What are your favourite Lush products?

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