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7 December 2014

Elizabeth Arden | Skincare & Perfume

In these colder months, one of my go to products has to be Elizabeth Arden skin protectant from their Eight Hour Range. I use it to shape my brows, as a moisturising lip gloss, an overnight foot treatment, it's great for sunburn & peeling, highlighter and it can be used alongside my eyelash curler on those mascara free days, and of course, as a moisturiser!  The hand cream is really nice, I massage it into my cuticles and it smoothes my skin & prevents nails from peeling. I currently own the skin protectant, lip protectant stick and the intensive hand treatment and love them all.

So given my love for the eight hour range, I wanted to try the Visible Difference products, and picked up two jars of the face cream and a bottle of the body emulsion.. an impulsive buy I will admit :D
It was all going well until the scent hit me... wowsers! (Moss, Freesia & Sandalwood) I have to admit, I quite like the results of the moisturiser and I have become more tolerant of the smell as luckily it doesn't linger for long. I initially tried these creams in the Summer months and my make-up / fake tan would slide off within an hour, so before popping it in the bin I have recently given it one last try and come away pleasantly surprised. It sinks into the skin, leaves my skin soft and doesn't break me out.  Also, if you click on the link above then Debenhams are currently giving 50% off and you can possibly bag some free sample size freebies... Winner!

I also purchased the fragrance from the Red Door Range, which is described as a classic & elegant signature fragrance. I personally don't like it, I find the top notes of lily and freesia quite strong  As it starts to settle, the mid notes of rose, orange flower, jasmine and ylang ylang come through which smells a little nicer, then the base notes of moss, sandalwood & honey tend to stay on the skin for hours. I prefer sweeter scents, but if you are a fan of earthy, floral scents then this might be great for you.

Has anyone else tried any of these Elizabeth Arden products?

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