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18 January 2015

Dial A Smile Review | Whitening Lightning

With my Starbucks coffee addiction in full swing and a season of mulled wine drinking behind me, I have needed to spruce up my pearly whites. I have tried a few different products over the years, my most recent purchase has been the Dial A Smile Whitening Kit and after reading so many reviews I was sure that this was going to be a less painful alternative to the Crest whitening strips.

I purchased the kit directly from their site and my first delivery was shipped back to America when I wasn't in to sign for the package. I dropped them an email asking them to leave it in my post room (one main advantages of living in a London flat) and they sent me another one out straight away... thumbs up for customer service. 

When the second package came, I noticed that the whitening pen had leaked in it's box... darn it! There was still some product left in the chamber, but it was cracked and I couldn't use it.

The product claims to whiten your teeth 4-7 shades without sensitivity, which after using the Crest strips this sounded to good to be true. As you can see from the pics above, I didn't get to try out the majority of the gel as the rubber in the syringe started to break down and left me with a black icky mess in the syringe, this may be due to the fact I didn't store it in the refrigerator or it could be a fault with the product, I honestly don't know.

I did try out another whitening booster pen, I just coat my teeth in the gel overnight then brush it off in the morning. There has been a slight change in the colour of my teeth, on the last colour check I was still around a 6-7, so no huge difference. I have seen that they have reduced the kit and pen set from $129 to $50, but given the issues I have already had, I think I'll find another alternative product.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for whitening kits they have tried?


  1. That looks pretty good! Have to try them out!

  2. Hmm doesn't sound good. I never tried the white strips either guess I won't. The only whitening I have done is at the dentist. You buy the white gel to maintain the white. That did work good and lasted for years until I stopped maintaining. So I am looking for something too. I was thinking of ITan they have the treatment.


    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check them out. I have also seen the Go Smile system that is being recommended by Bloggers & You Tubers... So many decisions :)

  3. Hello Dear :* This post is great !
    Do you want to follow each other? or can you click in link on my last post? :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I have just been over to your blog. You have some wonderful outfits on your peg, and I love the gold rings on your wish list. I am now following you!


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