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3 January 2015

How I Clean My Make-Up Brushes

It's that time again, after the party season my brushes have been well and truly used and need a good clean. Although this isn’t the most exciting topic, it is important to prevent breakouts due to excess bacteria growth and helps them to do their job well. 

I personally like to use the MAC Brush Cleanser as it helps disinfect my brushes whilst cleaning and conditioning the bristles. As you can see, it comes with a pouring lid, however I have a spritz bottle that I pour it into, which helps to avoid wasting the product and makes the whole process much quicker.

The method above is great for spot cleaning, however, if I need something that has a little more robust cleaning power for my cream, gel and lipstick brushes then I tend to opt for a DIY mixture to clean them with...

Firstly, I pop some washing-up liquid into a small bowl. I try to go with a natural product as it won't strip the bristles as harshly as chemical products, but will still clean & disinfect them. I just agitate the brush in soap to help breakdown the products on the brushes.

Then in a second bowl i have some fresh soap and olive oil, this will help recondition the fibres. Swirl the brush gently in the mixture and then use the back of your hand. 

The soap and oil begins to look like mocha and the bristles will be cleaner and soft. Then rinse off with warm water until the water runs clear, shape the bristles and allow to dry bristles-down to prevent the glue breaking down and bristles falling out. I've heard that brush guards are an amazing investment and if anyone knows which are the best to use, please comment below.

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