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21 March 2015

Flowerbomb | Viktor & Rolf

If you read my previous post, you will see that I have been making my way through lots of beauty purchases and to my dismay, one of my all time favourite daytime scents ran out. Luckily for me, duty free came to the rescue and I snapped up a bottle of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb on the cheap.

As with most Flowerbombholics, my other fave scent tends to be Theirry Mugler's Angel. It isn't as if either of the fragrances are similar, in fact I'd say they are worlds apart, but I just love both of them. 

Flowerbomb contains notes of bergamot, tea, jasmine, freesia, orchid, centiflora rose and most distinctly patchouli. The scent lasts for hours and a couple of spritzes is enough to last all morning . I admit, I tend to overdo it, leaving a trail of patchouli & rose wherever I walk... Being a nurse, there are far worse things that you could smell on me right?!?

I'd describe this scent as a sweet, feminine scent, which leaves a vanilla, violet and rosy cloud of fragrance all over you. It settles into a mild jasmine, slightly spicy scent until eventually unleashing it's base notes of rose and patchouli. 

Lastly, look at that amazing packaging. If your ever going to own a grenade,why not make it a  translucent pink one that explodes into a sweet floral scent, that's possibly in my opinion, one of the most addictive scents on the market. Alongside the Flowerbomb pictured here, I have also owned the special edition extreme, intense and rose versions... all of which I have loved!

Have you tried any of the Flowerbomb range, if so, which was your favourite?

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