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2 May 2015

Basics to Cooking | Current Foundation Routine

For any of you that still believe cooking is restricted to the kitchen, then this post is for you! 
If you follow my snapchat twinkles007 then you may have seen a few variations of contouring techniques I use in my make up routine, however I often come back to this method as it has the best staying power so far, which is especially great for nights out and is by far the quickest method.

In a nutshell, cooking is all about letting the products melt into your skin and 'cook', giving the emollients time to warm up and melt which will leave a smoother, poreless finish. The exact timing seems to depend on individual skin types, however depending on the foundation I'm using, 3 mins is usually long enough for my (combination) skin, then just blend the light foundation into the dark until you have a seamless finish and use powder to set it all in place.

I usually do my eye make up before my foundation as I find that the fallout can really make a mess. For best results, use products that give fuller coverage, my current faves are the Rio Beauty Set used with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I've noticed this method keeps me looking fresher for longer and minimises the need for touch ups and who wouldn't want that right??

Have you tried this or any other similar techniques to get that perfect base?

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with you on the cooking thing, makeup generally looks better about 30 minutes after application because the natural oils start coming through and the makeup melts into the skin! :) x


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