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16 May 2015

Where It All Started | My First Lipstick

Today I took a trip down memory lane while clearing out my make up drawers and came across my first 2 lipsticks I'd ever bought with my paper round wages.

I remember the early mornings before school when I would wait until my mother had left the house and I would sneak into her make-up collection and put on a bit of lipstick / eye shadow and instantly feel transformed into a grown up... Although that was 22 years ago, I still find that all I need is a few dabs of pretty lipstick to feel a million dollars.

The lipsticks pictured are Maybelline Forever Sunlight Mauve Starlight & Estee Lauder Crystal Baby. You can see, even way back then I enjoyed experimenting with different textures and colours. The Estee Lauder  shade must have been a hit as it's still on sale now.

Do you remember your first lipstick and experimenting with make up?
What were your first products you ever tried?

1 comment:

  1. Crystal Baby is still very popular! I can't remember my first lipstick, but I believe it was a really dark one. No idea what I was thinking back then hahaha! x


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