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27 June 2015

Beauty Empties #2

Well, haven't I been a good beauty blogger, I've been using up all my stashed products just like I said I would.

I don't know about you, but I like to have a few options of shower gels readily available in my shower. Sometimes I want to feel nourished, sometimes I need a bit of zing to wake me up and I often have a lovely relaxing scent for when I want to wind down. This is were the Original Source range comes in handy, not only are they often in BOGOFF offers in supermarkets but it can look quite nice to have a selection of scents in your shower when they all match. Most mornings I've mainly been using the mint & tea tree or their lemon scent (smells like lemon curd... yum) and on a day were my skin feels a little drier, I've been reaching for the coconut. The coconut smells scrummy, however I'm not sure I noticed my skin feeling any more moisturised than usual.... which leads me into the next product nicely... Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser.

I started using this skin conditioner when it first came out and now it is one of my most used lazy day products. It doesn't smell as nice as most of the usual run of the mill lotions you can buy, but it definitely makes a difference compared to not using any moisturiser, I've repurchased this at least 5 times already as you literally just slap it on in the shower, rinse off then voilá... easy peasy.

For my nails, I do love me some drying drops! They leave your nails looking shiny and more salon like, which is always great for an IG photo ;D I'm not sure I'd say these are the best on the market, I personally prefer the spray versions but they do the job and are great for when your layering colours doing nail art.

Balance is a range that I often come across when stalking the aisles of TK Max or B&M Bargains. When I came across their Snake Venom Eye Cream I pictured rattlesnakes being milked by herpetologists, however it seems my imagination had definitely ran away with itself. The cream actually contains a 'snake venom like' neuropeptide (syn-ake) which offers anti ageing properties were as the eyepro 3x boosts collagen and hydration to the eye area. This hasn't found itself back on to my repurchase list, it was nice enough but a fairly standard product for me.

Last but not least, is my Badger Sleep Balm. I'd often have this stashed in my handbag for flights and hotel stays, it was also a nice little addition to my night time routine, I'd rub it onto my temples for a minute or so then settle down for a good nights sleep. It smells fantastic, if I was feeling particularly stressed I would rub it onto my hands and cup my mouth & nose and just breathe in the oils to aid relaxation. I don't think it does make you drop off to sleep, but it does smell lovely and help with those mindful moments when you need to just take a minute to unwind.

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