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19 September 2015

Autumn / Fall Lip Colours | MAC &

MAC Rebel £15.50

Illamasqua Underworld £19.50

MAC Herione £12.50

Left Underworld, Centre Herione, Right Rebel.
My Fave: Rebel

As the the colder weather draws in, I tend to teeter towards warmer shades on the make up front. Nothing says autumn to me more than a coppery smokey eye, paired with berry coloured lips.

As you may remember, a while ago I blogged about MAC's rebel nail lacquer which won me over instantly, so it was only right I should try the lipstick, right??! :D It's an almost opaque shade, with a sheer/ satin finish. It leaves a slight stain to the lip after washing, but on the flip side, this gives it great staying power.

I bought Herione in a pencil. As you can see, it is much more purple toned in the swatch above compared to rebel. I have seen this shade look fantastic on most skin tones and doesn't leave your teeth looking yellow. This product is buildable, a thin coat looks more pinky, where the more layers you apply, the more the purple tones in this product come out to play.

Last, but not least is illamasqua's Underworld. This is an iridescent purple shade, that contains blue tones in a violet base. One sweep on the lips and the shade gives a subtle hint of purple, I prefer to build it to the shade above in my swatches, which is around 2 layers, any more than that and the product tends to stick to itself and clump.

Has anyone else been exploring purple lips the Autumn?
Thanks for stopping by...

FYI. I'm not affiliated with illamasqua or MAC in any way, I bought these products with my own money and all opinions are my own ;D


  1. The temperature in Greece just dropped, up until a few days ago it was still summer, so I'm ready to start wearing darker colours! :) Rebel by MAC is so pretty! x

    1. I'm popping over to Greece in the next fortnight as I try to catch it when it is a little cooler :D

    2. It is already cooler and in the coming week the temperature will drop even more!


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