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26 September 2015

New Favourite Restaurant | Rabbit

Bread & Whipped Butter

Wild Yeast Bread

Lamb Chips

Kohlrabi Carpaccio, Alexander, Cearphilly & Samphire

Thistle Split Milk, Spinach Ravioli & Truffle

Pigs Cheek

I don't normally write about places I have eaten in, but since my first visit here, it has been nothing but fantastic! So good in fact, I really wanted to share it with you, so if you are living in London like me, or planning to visit anytime soon then I definitely recommend you pop along to Chelsea and try it out for yourself.

Rabbit caught my attention because it is a restaurant that is owned by 3 brothers who farm and forage for the menu, using all of their resources and limit waste. This means that the menu changes regularly, the food is fresh and always in season. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, if there is anything on the menu and you don't know what it is they are always are on hand to help... they've probably been up that morning picking it themselves. These guys not only have great values, but the food is delicious. It's described as British tapas, a word of warning though - as the menu looks so good it is easy to over order. We opted for 3 plates each and that was more than enough. One of my pals is veggie and she also had plenty to choose from.

We were lucky enough to bagsy the seat with open patio windows on a warm sunny day, as we nattered and people watched, a chap sat beside us happily chatted through the menu and he offered lots of recommendations. It seems that he, as well as many others frequently visit here and I'm now one of a long list of regulars.

I'll pop a link here so you can take a peek for yourself. I believe they have also recently opened a restaurant in Notting Hill called the shed, which I'll be sure to check out if I'm ever over that way.

As always, I thought it'd be worth mentioning that I have not been paid, bribed, fed or received any freebies at all for writing this post. I am merely just sharing my experience and all opinions are my own :

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